"In grieving, grace strengthened me every sinking moment, every day. Steadily, the pain dissolved."
Guy Delcambre

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About the Book

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Earth and Sky is the story of a traveler walking through the deepest valley and the highest mountain, through great heartache and unexpected joy. It is not a book about grief, but a book about grace and the goodness of God in the darkest night.

With a refreshing frankness and raw emotion, Guy shares his journey from happy husband, to grieving widower, to single dad and victorious believer. It is a journey filled with great spiritual insight and hope. It was not a journey he chose for himself and his three young daughters, but one in which he declares, “God reframed my life with His truth and grace.”

If you have experienced great loss you will find here a reason to persevere and find peace through the storm. You will be inspired to learn how God descends into the messiness and loneliness of life, and grows faith watered by grace.

Guy Delcambre

Guy Martin Delcambre is an author and public speaker based in Dallas, Texas, who writes about faith in thin moments, strength found in weakness, and God’s grace immeasurable. Guy was once a pastor, a church planter, and a widower, in that order. From the darkest night in life— the death of a spouse— to learning to live life as a single father to three young daughters, Guy has traveled the greatest distance of the heart to find home in God’s faithful goodness.

Together he lives with his wife, Marissa, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Emily, and Chloe.


Guy went through the worst-case scenario for anyone who strives to believe in the goodness of God. And yet it was in this dark place that he found God at His best. This book will not only captivate you with Guy’s story, but forever change how you view God.

Ben Arment

Creator of STORY and Dream Year

Author of Dream Year: Making the Leap from a Job You Hate to a Life You Love

In Earth and Sky, Guy Delcambre delivers a soft and winding sort of genius, the kind that brushes aside time and space to isolate the substances that move people—love, companionship, loss, grief, death, and most importantly, resurrection. This is more than Guy’s personal story of living beyond loss, it’s a decree of hope that all of us can be well. 

Sarah Cunningham

Author of Well Balanced World Changer, and blogger who seeks to stir extraordinary friendship in a sometimes too ordinary world 


With vulnerability and raw honesty, Guy lets us in on his journey of grieving the loss of his wife and the ‘perfect’ life they shared together, of discovering his need for a greater understanding of God, and the relationship between the two. Whether you’re in the midst of loss or simply feeling far from God, I highly recommend this book to anyone needing a reminder of His sustaining presence.

Justin Lathrop

Strategic Solutions


Along with his thoughtful intentionality, Guy Delcambre is a storyteller. He can make you feel like you’re sitting in his living room, yet simultaneously leave you breathless—it’s a rare talent that few possess. Guy’s book, Earth and Sky, is a stunning work full of some of life’s hardest and most joyful moments, all written in his unique, masterfully poetic voice. This book is a true gift and a must-read for any who have walked the paths of grief, doubt, and faith.

Nish Weiseth

Author of Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World

Editor in chief of www.deeperstory.com

Guy Delcambre is a widowed, single father of three young daughters, and a minister who has been given the extraordinary talent to express his life experiences and grief journey in honest, striking, and encouraging word pictures. His story touches the hearts and souls of both mourners and their caregivers. It guides readers through a story of loss that includes not only deep sadness but joy, peace, and hope for the future. His words from the depth of his grief and faith are compelling, enlightening, and inspiring.

It has been my privilege and honor to accompany Guy and his three lovely daughters for over two years on their grief journey. It has also been my privilege and honor to witness Guy and his family begin to heal and to live lives that are examples for other mourners. I highly recommend this book for those struggling in grief after the death of a loved one and for those who care for those suffering after the death of a loved one.

Larry M. Barber, LPC-S

Certified Thanatologist
Director, GriefWorks, Dallas, Texas

(GriefWorks is a grief support ministry for children ages five through eighteen and their adult family members who have experienced the death of a loved one.)